Micro-Aggressions & Unconscious Bias Training

Our Micro-Aggressions & unconscious bias training is designed to educate, inform and support participants. Whilst helping them understand the nature and affects of Micro-Aggressions & unconscious bias in the workplace.

Our services include:

  • – Awareness, understanding and addressing micro-aggressions in the workplace
  • – Awareness, understanding and addressing Unconscious Bias in the workplace
  • – Unconscious Bias Training for CEO’s, CMO’s, Managers, Senior Level Staff and Internal Recruiters.
  • – Unconscious Bias Consultancy and Assessment
  • – Unconscious Bias Job Role Recruiting and Processing
  • – Employee Unconscious Bias Training and Workshops
  • – Safe Space Facilitation and Discussion Forums

Interactive Training & Workshops

Micro-Aggressions & Unconscious Bias Training

Micro-aggressions & unconscious biases can be difficult to understand if you have never experienced it, or in some cases you’re not aware of it. Yet, micro-aggressions & unconscious biases have profound affects on employee’s mental health and well-being, and can also lead employees leaving organisations. Our trainers also provide their personal experiences of micro-aggressions & unconscious biases to aid your learning. Our training provides you, your employees, leadership, recruitment teams, and company directors with a clear understanding of the issues; solutions and prevention strategies around micro-aggressions & unconscious biases that will help your employees work in a safe and inclusive environment.

Micro-Aggressions Training

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Unconscious Bias Training

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What is Unconscious Bias?

Unconscious bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect a person’s subconscious feeling about things such as; beliefs, understanding, race, religion, politics, stature and so on.

A person’s unconscious bias’s can hold good, bad and harmful assessments of others. Which are usually deeply rooted in a person’s subconscious and has developed, shifted and moulded over the course of a life time through indirect and direct messaging. Often, bias feelings and opinions manifest into micro-aggressions which are small (and often constant) verbal, non-verbal, physical and psychological acts that negatively impact another person or group. 

The Benefits of Our Unconscious Bias Training

Studies have shown in order to improve diversity and unconscious bias in the workplace, education, discussion and internal processes must be reassessed and addressed.

Our training helps to reduce instances of micro-aggressions bias’s towards employees, and improves staff well being, mental health, job satisfaction, workplace cohesiveness and company culture.

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Extracting The Most From Your Employees

It is crucial to understand that while unconscious biases are often linked to negative connotations and consequences, they are also changeable through education and discussion. This means it is both important and worthwhile for companies, institutes and organisations to educate and engage employees on what unconscious bias is, and how to prevent it impacting people in the workplace and extract the most from a team.

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