Youth and Community Engagement Programme

Fun Community Engagement!

Our schools and community engagement programmes are a series of enterprise workshops designed to engage, educate and inform young people from all backgrounds. By bringing fun and practical enterprise concepts, our programme is specifically designed to teach and develop key life skill in young people, such as:

  • – Financial literacy
  • – Strategy planning
  • – Money management
  • – Forward planning and thinking
  • – Team work
  • – Contingency planning
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Accessible To Everyone

Our goal is to encourage a diverse range of participants to engage in an alternative way of learning. As such, we have designed our programme to be hands on, educational and fun. Allowing us to actively engage with young people from all walks of life.

Our goal is to encourage a diverse range of participants to engage in an alternative way of learning. So it doesn’t matter if participants find learning difficult to focus, are disadvantaged, hard-to-reach, or are very astute… Anyone can take part, excel and shine! 

Participant Learning Outcomes

Our Community Engagement Content

Our build-a-business schools and community engagement programme is comprised of 6 workshop modules delivered each week, on site, by our diverse business team which include:

  • Ideas creation & Business branding – participants will work to create a business idea that excites them.
  • Business strategy – we’ll work with participants to improve their understanding of business strategy, whilst helping them think critically and creatively.
  • Money Management – Participants will be provided with a variety of money and finance based activities to teach key principles of financial management and budgeting.
  • Contingency planning – Like in real business, participants will be faced with different challenges they’ll need to navigate around as a team.
  • Business Pitching – each participating group will be required to pitch their idea to a panel of industry professionals.
  • Completion – All participants who complete our programme will receive our certificate of completion with our pitching panel choosing one overall standout business idea.

As a community organisation were all about giving back! Our build-a-business schools and community engagement enterprise programme is a fun and practical way to engage young people in business. Our programme is specifically designed to provide young people with real life and practical skills. Get in touch, and get involved today!

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Participant Learning Outcomes

Our schools and community programme is specially designed with learning outcomes that will teach young people from all backgrounds key life principles found in business and the workplace such as:

  • Money management, financial literacy and mathematics
  • Written literacy skills
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Confidence building
  • Pitching and presenting
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