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Our super simple 2021 Diversity & Inclusion calendar gives you over 200 awareness and celebratory events in the UK!

MD Diversity Calendar

Why Download It?

Don't Be That Person!

Just in case you're worried about putting your foot in it. Our diversity and inclusion calendar provides you with useful tips and hints when it comes to communicating and addressing people from different cultures and/or preferences. It will help you and your team navigate the workplace when it comes to events and celebrations.

No Fancy Photos

Our diversity and inclusion calendar isn't what you think it is... It doesn't include loads of pictures of people from diverse backgrounds... Why? Because we're not trying to prove a point about how diverse we are. We just want to give you useful and actionable resources to help make more diverse and inclusive decisions.

diversity and inclusion calendar uk

Free, Forever!

Make a real effort to include everyone. Our Diversity and Inclusion Calendar will help you stay up to date, and on track!

Cleo Mission Diverse_Web

Why We Did This...

We wanted to produce a simple and straight-forward calendar that could be easily understood in the workplace. So we stripped it back, completely!

Contrary to popular thought, our calendar doesn’t have any “diverse” images in it. Actually, it has zero images. We didn’t see the need for token gestures of people from diverse backgrounds followed by the calendar information.

So we put together a super simple Calendar that has shows no preference, but includes with over 200 different events that occur through the course of the year. So diversity and inclusion managers, company directors, recruiter and employees can plan ways to include all their staff from all backgrounds.

Cleo Morris, Founder of Mission Diverse

Thoughts So Far

Really like this diversity calendar! Unlike many, there’s no frills or fuss to it. It’s been easy to keep an eye on events going on throughout the year, and we have already (virtually) planned celebrations for everyone in the office. I also like the tips in the calendar that gives advice approach & discuss diverse events. Great and effective resource needed in every office.

Head Of Diversity & Inclusion At DoorWalk​

Being new to the EDI space this Calendar has really helped me. Our team are really green around this and it’s actually helped us open discussions just by talking about events many of us never knew about.

Lorna Davis

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