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What We Do

At Mission Diverse we believe prevention is better than cure. We provide bespoke prevention strategies and damage limitation consultancy to ensure your organisation is acting honestly and with integrity when addressing diversity.

We’ll ensure you’re putting the needs of consumers first, without impacting upon internal business processes. Our aim is to enable your organisation to positively leverage diversity through internal and external procedures, processes, media, marketing and messaging.

With our damage limitation and crisis management services, we also work to limit public and private damage and exposure that an organisation may currently be facing to issues around diversity and inclusion.

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Why You Need Diversity Damage Limitation Consultancy

Save millions with our inclusion prevention strategies and damage limitation consultancy! Here’s why…

More consumers are becoming wise the to organisations using culture and diversity  as a way to monetise and promote their products or services without any real substance. As a result, organisations who refer to equality, diversity and inclusivity are now being called out for their lack of real change. We’ve seen several companies loose consumers and key stakeholders, as well as attracting several forms of negative press, which can end us costing companies millions year on year.

Why You Need Diversity Prevention Strategies

We’ll work with your organisation to assess how your advertising or marketing campaign can be deemed insensitive, incorrect, ill informed, offensive or even flat out racist. Whilst consulting with you to implement further prevention methods to limit damaging public exposure.

All too often companies and organisations jump on the “diversity and inclusion” bandwagon by using poorly constructed material such as; press releases, TV ads and social media posts. Yet, these same companies have been found not to actually  be implementing any actionable changes to promote diversity and inclusion.

Which has resulted in consumers boycotting organisations, stakeholder disassociation and business financial losses into the millions. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you! Contact us today…

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