About Mission Diverse

Creating Real Change...

Mission Diverse is a non-profit organisation working to improve diversity in large corporations, small businesses and within local communities. We connect communities with companies by offering our 4-phase approach to training, courses and workshops aimed at developing diversity, proactiveness, enterprise and employability.

What Makes Us Different?

Whilst encouraging diversity in the community through our enterprise workshops and programmes. We also work with corporates and organisations by providing diversity and unconscious bias training, consultancy, research & reporting services. With the revenues generated from these services reinvested directly back into our community programmes and youth projects to help support, educate and develop the next generation.


Mission Diverse Vision

Our Vision

“To ensure nobody faces adversity because of a lack of diversity”

Our vision is to ensure people from all walks of life have the same, fair and equal opportunity to excel in the world of business through education, development and training.

We want to make sure every person’s differences are viewed as unique, not a check-box exercise.

Mission Diverse Mission

Our Mission

“To make diversity the norm, not a trend in the workplace & in entrepreneurship through effective education, training and development.”

  • Providing support and training to BAME  entrepreneurs.  
  • Teach and educate young people about business and enterprise.
  • To actively train, educate and develop diversity and inclusion in the workplace, institutes and corporations.

Meet The Founder

Cleo Mission Diverse_Web

“You gotta be twice as good…”

Founder & Director, Cleo Morris

As a entrepreneur, Cleo noticed there wasn’t many people that looked like her in the business world or workplace. Even though she’d spent years speaking and meeting with many highly qualified, capable and driven men and women from disadvantaged and black and minority ethnic backgrounds. Cleo also saw those from black and minority backgrounds were also not provided with the same level support, opportunity and access. But seen as a “check box quota” for diversity.

As a result, Cleo launched Mission Diverse, a free community programme aimed to create the next generation of successful BAME business owners and employees. As well as providing corporate training on diversity, inclusion, micro-aggressions and unconscious bias training in the workplace for employers. 

Investing In Your Future...

Mission Diverse youth engagement and black and minority ethnic start up business programmes combined with our workplace diversity, and unconscious bias training provides a holistic approach to educating, training and developing those from all walks of life.

We reinvest our profit back into our schools, community and start-up programme. So you can be assured you are not only investing in the people of today, but in the future generations to come.

young people on MD programme
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