We connect minority and under-represented communities with companies through entrepreneurship and employability training, education and mentoring.

Find out more about our Free Entrepreneurship BAME Start-Up Programme. Workplace Racial Bias & Diversity Training. School & Community Engagement Initiatives. We make diversity the norm in the workplace and entrepreneurship.

We Are Mission Diverse


Mission Diverse is a non-profit community organisation working towards improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace, entrepreneurship and enterprise.

We work with the black and minority ethnic community, young people and those from underprivileged background to develop and support them in the workplace, business and entrepreneurship. As well as providing training and support to companies and institutes around unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion training, inclusive marketing, damage limitation, consultancy and diversity research.

We also offer our REACH start up programme to Black, Asian and minority ethnic start-up business owners, with free enterprise and mentoring support for up to 6 months.


The Reach Business programme

The Reach programme aimed at encouraging those from black and minority ethnic communities into starting a business. Our programme includes free business support, workshops, mentorship, resources & access to finance.

Schools & Community Engagement Workshops

We deliver our 6-week business  programme in schools and disadvantaged community across the UK as an alternative way to engage children from all backgrounds about business and real workplace principles.

Equality & Diversity Training In The Workplace

We deliver diversity training and a safe space for employees and organisations to develop, discuss, re-educate and improve diversity  within the workplace. Helping to widen the spectrum of diversity to ensure everyone feels heard. 

Unconscious Bias Training In The Workplace

We provide unconscious bias training in companies and organisations help to educate, inform and engage employees. As well as helping understand the nature of unconscious bias.

Diversity & Inclusion Advertising Consultancy

Our marketing consultants will work with your organisation to create inclusive and diverse traditional and digital marketing and advertising campaigns that your customers can relate to.

Diversity Crisis Management & Prevention

Our diversity consultants work with you to develop internal and marketable processes and procedures to prevent and manage any potential diversity and PR crises.

What Others Had To Say

"I was lucky enough to pilot Mission Diverse's "Reach" programme. It took me from no job, to starting my own business from scratch. My company is now making £125k a year. It literally changed my life! It gave me the practical guidance and support I needed to take the first steps, and they continued to support and advise me."
- S. Maverick


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If you or your organisation is interested in getting involved with our start-up program, diversity consultancy or schools and community programme - get in touch. If you'd would like to become one of our corporate partners or sponsors we'd also love to chat. Get in touch today....
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